If you weren’t cooking for yourself,
what would you do with that extra time?


Seattle Personal Chefs

Who We Are


Welcome to our online kitchen! Honest to Goodness is a team of Seattle personal chefs that serves busy people like you who don’t have time to prepare meals for themselves and their family. We offer a variety of customized Personal Chef and Kitchen Concierge services that will support your active lifestyle and also maintain or improve your health. Whether you need help with healthy home-style dinners, your special dietary needs, or are planning an event at home, we are confident you’ll love the experience and expertise we bring to your table!


An Act of Self-Care


Our philosophy is that food is love and love is food. If cooking isn’t your strength, we encourage you to take the best care of yourself and your loved ones by hiring one of our Seattle personal chefs. How would you feel when you are consistently eating healthy meals? Just like when flying in an airplane and you are advised to “put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others”, a well-fed you means you are better equipped to care for yourself and for others. What difference would it make for you to spend your time doing something other than cooking? Learn more about Working with a Personal Chef


Peace. Love. Joyous Eating.


These are the 3 core values upon which our team of personal chefs was founded in 2012:

  • We give you peace of mind and reduce your stress about your food.
  • We serve love on your plate. Our hearts go into every meal preparation because we love what we do and love taking care of you.
  • We strive for your joyous eating experience by preparing honest, good, nutritious food full of flavor.

Bon appetit!

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