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5-forks“THANK YOU for everything you did on Friday to make it a spectacular evening!!! The food was delicious, beautiful, and showcased the wide variety of meats and produce that come from our properties. I was so impressed with how well you were all able to work together to effectively and efficiently execute a meal for 50 people with limited space, supplies, and serviceware. Every time I walked into the kitchen and saw things flowing smoothly and anxiety-free, I walked out feeling much calmer and confident that the evening would be a success. You were the stars in the sky that night, even if no one could take their eyes off their plates!” − DeAnna H., Port Orchard



5-forks“Chef Marie was great! We really enjoyed the food she made and it saved me so much time from cooking dinner last week.” − Sherry C., Renton




“Kari is a fantastic cooking machine! I am getting everything I expected from this relationship/service and more. Never do I recall saying WOW so many times while eating. Enjoying the subtleties, nuances, textures, layered flavors, waves of varying aftertastes is truly fantastic. Yum yum YUM!” − Todd V., Redmond



5-forks“Simply Wonderful! I recently had a baby and was privileged to get the gift of Honest to Goodness. Chef Kari put my hectic mind at ease by offering me multiple suggestions for meals or anything I could think of. The level of professionalism combined with friendly service and amazing product is incomparable. Beautiful, healthy and delicious food brought right to your home. I would recommend your chef team to anyone and would suggest gifting their service to any new moms. Thank you so much to both, Chef Laura and Chef Kari, for a terrific experience.” − Stephanie G., Renton



5-forks“I feel like I have graduated with honors from the ‘Marie Cooking School’. I have been using your ideas and making delicious non-fat foods that I would have never dreamed possible. Although I don’t need you to come cook anymore, I appreciate the way you have taught me and given me courage to try new foods. It would have been a dreary 3-month diet without you.” − Elaine B., Bellevue



5-forks“Chef Laura was amazing! We had her prepare the dinner service for our small wedding at home. She arrived right on time and got straight to work. She was extremely sweet and went with the flow… Considering our crazy, pre-wedding household, that’s really saying something! The meal she prepared was absolutely fabulous. We had some very picky eaters joining us (and some with special food restrictions), and she was able to accommodate everyone. I would highly, highly recommend her and will definitely be utilizing her incredible skills again. Thank you!” − Karli and Nick H., Kent



5-forks“My mother-in-law is delighted and has sent me photos of the meals. All of them look delicious and she assures me that she is eating more in one meal than she has been in recent weeks. I am so very grateful for you, Shelby, and your staff for being able to provide this service.” − Michelle E., New York



5-forks“I just want to thank you for making our visit a pleasant experience. Not having to worry about food and the excellent chef-prepared dishes were greatly appreciated. I only wish that you were in other cities I have to travel to. Please let Shelby know how pleased I was with her and the service.” − Linda S., St. Louis



5-forks“I have to tell you that you have made a significant difference in our lives. Eating healthy is one part and the other is reducing the stress of coming home after a long workday and having to figure out what is for dinner. We have been raving about how much you have improved our quality of life. We wish we had discovered you when we had young kids.” − Stephanie & Rick W., Bellevue 



5-forks“Our holiday just ended, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the cooking you did for me. Everything was very tasty. We especially enjoyed those macaroons!” − Lisa and Norman B., Seattle



5-forks“Thanks for explaining the whole service so well.  This experience is new to us both, and we are so excited!  I loved how you guided us toward meeting our needs and schedules, and also showing the flexibility of the service.  You are a PRO!” − Trudi O., Bellevue 



5-forks“Laura has been our personal chef for nearly 3 years and I have truly benefited from her service.  Not only has her menu selection and cooking style helped me eat healthier on a weekly basis, but it has also allowed me to discover new ingredients I didn’t know I liked. The food has been delicious and she always cleans up completely, in most cases she leaves it cleaner than when she arrives. The only way I can tell that she has been there is the delicious smell of home cooking and the fully-stocked refrigerator.  I think it would be safe to say I look forward to Mondays!” − Kyle F., Kirkland



5-forks“Thank you so much for all the wonderful meals Chef Todd has made for us.  I have gotten so many great ideas for gluten and dairy-free options for our family. And Brian’s migraine’s have decreased dramatically on this diet.  Not to mention that we’ve both lost weight.  Yay!” − Melissa & Brian R., Seattle



5-forks“Delicious meals & all I have to do is warm it up. Dinner ends up being super fast as well as the clean up time. I am a happy busy Mom.” – Betina V., Seattle




“It was SO incredible to come home to a stocked fridge and yummy smell of that banana blueberry bread!! It’s been the best experience ever having you help us in our home. We feel so taken care of!”  − Julie & Mike K., Seattle



5-forks“I wanted to thank you again for helping us host an amazing first dinner with our neighbors and friends last night. Everyone raved about the food and it was great to wake up and not have a pile of dishes. I hope you get some new business out of it and I can’t wait for us to do it again.” − Kristin G. & Michael D., Bellevue 



5-forks“The biggest thing is that she made what would have been a very big diet adjustment on my part just shy of a non-event, did it affordably, and also introduced me to new eating options that I really enjoyed. ” − Ashley G., Kenmore



5-forks“Amazing night, amazing dinner! Thanks for everything you did for us and continuing to exceed my expectations. You are one classy chef lady! I hope we get a chance to do our party with you again.” − Rich P., San Diego



5-forks“I called Laura in a panic, needing help with dinner on the day of my son’s high school graduation. We created a meal after my son’s favorite dishes, and he was more than happy.  You should have seen the look on the teenagers’ faces when we walked in our front door to a delicious smelling house! Laura is a very competent and gifted chef, who worked hard to be flexible with our schedule and meal requests.  I couldn’t recommend her high enough.” − Amy & Tom C., Redmond 



5-forks“Honest to Goodness has been coming to my home once a week to prepare meals and snacks for the week ahead. This has been helpful for me since I am busy with work, a baby, and trying to stay on a low-carb diet. It was sooooo nice coming home to food in the fridge!” − Olivia T., West Seattle



5-forks“So far the food this week is awesome. The panzanella salad was freaking fantastic! I wolfed it all down probably at an unhealthy rate. We’re so happy to have you cooking for us.” − Ali & Kevin R., Seattle



5-forks“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that this week’s menu is great!!  I love the shepherd’s pie and the shrimp lo-mein. As before, the chicken wings were to die for.  Even better than last time.  I could curl up with a bucket of those and never be heard from again. Thank you for your excellent service overall. I’ve worked with 3 personal chefs before, and your service is the only one at an MBA level.” − Marc S., Burien



5-forks“I am a very busy small business owner and have no time to plan and cook healthy meals. I LOVE THIS SERVICE! The money you spend using Honest to Goodness is less than you would spend eating out or throwing out food because you didn’t plan or use your groceries in time. She has won my spoiled picky taste buds and my hard-earned money.” − Christiana M., Lake Forest Park



5-forks“I’ve really been appreciating various aspects of the professional way that you run your business as well as your patience developing menus for me. Your goal is clearly to satisfy your clients. You’re very good at accommodating your client’s needs and putting your focus on them,  not yourself. Prices are great, and you have really good organizational skills.” − Barclay B., Bellevue



5-forks“My husband and I hired Honest to Goodness to cater an in-home event. She planned the menu, grocery list, came to our home to prepare the food, and even stayed during the event. Her professionalism and wonderful personality made this experience that much more rewarding.” − Erin & Dave M., Redmond



5-forks“I hired Laura to cook for an event for my office.  She did a great job.  Food was good, on time, healthy, and she thought of all things that were needed.  She even went out of her way to get special ingredients that I needed done.  She is an A+ person to work with.” − Dr. Josh O., Bellevue



5-forks“Thank you for the amazing dinner tonight! First time in a while I’ve had a yummy meal like that ready after a long day of work. And, you made it gluten- and lactose-free too — so exciting! I’ve also lost 4 pounds in the last two weeks that you’ve been cooking for me. It’s certainly keeping me from making bad eating choices.” − Elizabeth D., Seattle



5-forks“Thank you so much for your help in making our son’s baptism such a special event. We really appreciated the help in preparing and cleaning up from the party. It was a wonderful day!” − Christy M., West Seattle



5-forks“Laura really came through for us at the last minute! We had unusual requirements and a tight timeframe for our event, and she handled it all with a smile. Everyone loved the food. We would definitely seek her services again. Thanks Laura!” − Kate and Grant R., Phinney Ridge



5-forks“My place smells delicious when I come home from work. The overall feeling I experience is one of being nurtured. Love is indeed being expressed through your cooking.” − Ev W., Kirkland