Celebrating Earth Day in “So Seattle”

Earlier this year on a weekend trip to New York City, my best friend called me “So Seattle”.  Is that a derogatory accusation or a compliment?  To put things into perspective, we’re both from the south.  Our cultural food roots are barbeque, tex-mex, shrimp and grits, and Chesapeake Bay crab.  His comment was merited while we enjoyed the famous lox and bagels at Russ and Daughters.  I opted for tofu cream cheese and a whole wheat bagel.  Then we bought Odwalla juices at Whole Foods.


My eating habits have most definitely shifted over the years, with an increasing focus on health to where I eat mostly vegetarian or even vegan.  Any meat sources I purchase are more expensive cuts of regionally-sourced and high-quality beef and wild fish.  If living near the fantastic fishing waters of Alaska is “So Seattle”, thank you very much.  We’ll keep our salmon, halibut, and Dungeness crab to ourselves.

So Seattle tree hugger

What else is “So Seattle” or, rather as I’d like to claim, “so Northwest”?  Common stereotypes include: Birkenstock-wearin’, Subaru-drivin’, grunge-listenin’, granola-eatin’, tree-huggin’…  You get the picture. Who doesn’t love to frolic in a pile of freshly-raked leaves, tiptoe through the tulips, and get a little dirty on a hike once in a while?  Besides, my favorite desserts as a kid were Dirt Cake and Mississippi Mud Pie.


When we get back to nature, we reconnect with ourselves.  We are reminded of the precious gifts of life (animal, vegetable, and mineral) and our planet that sustains it.  In return and out of gratitude, we can united in sustaining our planet as well.


In honor of Earth Day, step up your game in becoming “So Seattle”.  Here are some fun and responsible eco-enhancements for your kitchen:


Honest to Goodness abides by eco-friendly practices so that you can be a more conscientious consumer in protecting your health and the health of our Earth. Together, we’ll do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.  Happy Earth Day!