Menu Planning

Menu Planning

Writer’s block during menu planning. It happens to us all at some point regardless of what we’re writing.  A thank you note, a novel, a menu plan. Every week, I write a new menu for each of my clients with 3-5 items they’ll enjoy during the week.  It is important to me to give variety using seasonal ingredients and also any items they already have on stock.

Last week while menu planning, one of my menus took well over an hour to write. It was extra frustrating because everything I wrote down had an Italian influence.  Ratatouille, Italian sausage, frittata, milanesa — mamma mia! Clearly I was craving the comforts of pasta, marinara, veggies, bread, and oregano.

Honest to Goodness Personal Chef Seattle Menu PlanningWhen writer’s block strikes your menu planning efforts, here are a couple suggestions to see you through:

– Scan the grocery store ads for the weekly deals and inspirations.

– Dig in the freezer to find that item (or items) that has been in there too long.  Challenge the kids to come up with the most creative use of that item.

– Pick a country or region to add some international variety to your everyday routine. This African Chicken Peanut Stew is a delicious comfort especially during the fall and winter months.

– Go vegetarian or vegan for Meatless Monday night. It’s less expensive and a great opportunity to explore the world of veggies.


And remember, plan your work and work your plan!

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