Holiday Eating: 3 Healthy Tips

Dr Rob McElroy Source Naturopathic Mercer Island WAToday’s guest blog post on holiday eating comes from Dr. Rob McElroy, ND, of Source Naturopathic, a Mercer-Island based doctor specializing in naturopathic medicine.  At Source Naturopathic, Dr. Rob personalizes his approach to connect with his patients and define natural and effective solutions for true healing.


Summer is over and the holiday eating season is in full effect. Parties with friends and family present bountiful meals with delicious foods to entice you. Here are some suggestions that will help you enjoy the season, while staying true to your intentions, when going to a social gathering that is centered around food.

1. On the day of the gathering, be sure to eat breakfast and get some exercise
Skipping meals in “preparation” for a feast, such as Thanksgiving, only slows down your metabolism and can lead to poor food choices once you get to the party. Eating small meals early in the day and fitting in some light exercise beforehand, is the best way to greet holiday meals in a healthy way.

2. Be mindful and let go of guilt
When approaching a holiday meal, take a moment to focus on your intentions. If you have certain health goals, keep them in mind while you choose your food, and ENJOY what you put on your plate. If your goal is reckless abandon, then make sure you feel the LOVE in every bite. Going in with guilt is not an effective tool for getting what you WANT out of a holiday meal (or any meal for that matter), it only sours the experience.

3. Plan on having a second helping
Think of your first run through the food line as a recon mission. Put a little bit of everything on your plate. If it ends up that you don’t like something, don’t eat it. Then go back for seconds and load up on everything that you LOVED and SAVOR every bite!

Best wishes to you, your family, and friends this holiday season!

Dr. Robert E. McElroy, ND

Source Naturopathic Mercer Island WA