Kitchen Organization: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


messy kitchen

People often ask me “How hard is it to go into someone else’s kitchen, cooking in an unfamiliar place, and using their kitchen tools?”  Entering into a client’s kitchen can be an unnerving part of the job of a personal chef the first time around.  Is it clean or are their dirty dishes piled in the sink?  What secrets are lurking behind closed doors?  The tell-tale heart throbs in the refrigerator and freezer, the cabinets, and the pantry.  To be fair, not all of your kitchens are atrocious.  If yours is not up-to-snuff, here’s a simple outline to assess and make any adjustments to get to a happier place.

The Ugly (aka Layers of Flavor)

Take a hard look around in your refrigerator and freezer.  Discard anything that looks like a science experiment or is so covered in freezer burn that it’s beyond recognition.  Then write down your weekly menu ideas based on the remaining items, using up the oldest ones first. 

The Bad (sing with me, “Ohh, Cabinetry” a la John Mayer)

Cabinets often have too many supplies, each promising to make you a master home cook.  Minimize the disarray by taking out equipment and utensils you haven’t used in over 1 year,  have multiples of, and/or is a non-essential unitasker.  Re-arrange what’s left into groups of like-items so you can find them quicker next time.

The Good (aka Doing the Can-Can)

I don’t know about you, but an organized food pantry makes me happy.  Though not on this list, it’s still a good thing.  You’ve successfully mastered your kitchen storage when you have nice neat rows of cans and boxes, in order of expiration dates no less.  Kick it up a notch and get in the zone according to these ideas.

Most private chefs, and certainly this Kitchen Concierge, remain cool as a cucumber as they take in the scene and adapt to a new client’s home environment.  In addition to receiving delicious, home-cooked meals, your chef will help you clean up your act by giving you tips on being more efficient and effective in your kitchen.  To the ugly and the bad, quoth this kitchen maven, “Nevermore!”  Don’t make me send the Poe-lice after you.