Please Pass the Salt

Salt! For many of us, salt is an endless battle. Too much salt means you’re putting your health at risk. Too little salt can compromise the balance of flavors in your dish. Perhaps the true matter to debate is whether or not you’re using the right salt.



One possible solution is Himalayan Pink Salt. When the salt beds were discovered, they had been covered by lava, acting as a protective shield to the salt from modern-day pollution. Due to this protection Himalayan Pink Salt has become known as the Purest Salt in the World.  With that kind of reputation, it’s no wonder pink salt has gained so much popularity.


According to the Global Healing Center’s blog, updated just last month, this “Pretty in Pink” wonder is packed with 84 natural minerals & health benefits. To name a few:

–      It is naturally rich in iodine, so no artificial additions or anti-caking agents are necessary

–      Helps support a healthy libido

–      Himalayan Salts are known to help lower blood pressure and even strengthen bones


For those of you who don’t already own the Himalayan Salt and are looking to get your hands on some, don’t fret. The salt is readily available at most retailers. However, if you’re looking to buy local in the Seattle area, then SaltWorks in Woodinville is your one stop shop for culinary enhancements and even therapeutic bath salts. At SaltWorks, you are able to find a wide variety of Himalayan Pink Salt sizes as well as salt slabs. Salt slabs can be used chilled or heated as a serving platter for a range of foods, all the while enhancing their flavor.


Himalayan Pink Salt expands beyond the stimulation of one’s palate. As stated earlier, the salt is used in a variety of therapeutic treatments and boasts numerous health benefits. Most people consider relaxation and salt as the salt on the rim of their margarita. However, the owners of Salt Mine Arium in Bellevue, the Northwest’s only Salt Spa, have a different definition of salt therapy. They bring the holistic healing experience of Himalayan salt to relieve symptoms of many common ailments as well as to boost your immune system. Consult with your naturopath if you think salt therapy might work for you.


At the end of the day, hands-down Himalayan Pink Salt is the healthier choice as compared to traditional table salt. While my mind is made up, don’t just take my word for it, but rather my advice. Branch out today and try Himalayan Pink Salt for yourself. The next thing you know you might just find yourself saying is “Please Pass the Himalayan Pink Salt.”