Bringing it Back to the Table

“Kids! Dinner is ready!” In come the rushing kiddos from either outside, upstairs, or perhaps they were in the kitchen already and are now pulling their chairs to the table. You place food on the table, say grace, and partake of the meal. Hold on. This isn’t the 1950’s, you’re probably thinking. Ok, well, we can still teach the kids how to sit and eat dinner at the dinner table. Soccer games do happen and the work day usually ends late, which means the stress of life takes many of us away from the dinner table. Good news: there is still hope for a quality dinner with good conversation!

What brings the family to the table is a great meal and great conversation. Having your kids help with setting the table is an easy chore to get them involved. Instilling a foundation in table etiquette is an invaluable tool you can give your kids that costs nothing. Good table manners will aid them at their prom, job-related interviews and business activities, and, in general, give them a leg up in a world that is forgetting what means to gather ‘round the family table.

By having the kids hold some responsibility of the meal, it gives them some ownership in your family dinner. This could mean bringing your kids along to the grocery store with you or even having a discussion about what the kids would want for dinner while you’re on your way to school. Ask older kids who would like to be in charge of making what dish, and allow the younger kids to assist you with basic preparation tasks for dinner. Check out our Pinterest page to find some inspiration for family-friendly recipes. From picky eaters to food fanatics we post recipes all families would enjoy!