Mother’s Day Recipes

Mothers’ Day: Keep it Simple, Keep it Sweet


Robert Browning motherhoodHelp! What do I do on this special day for Moms? You feel like you have done it all, or it isn’t enough, or you just don’t feel like it or you don’t have the time. What could this day really mean to your Mom anyway? There are other occasions where Mom gets presents and special treatment. But this day is just about her, and after thinking about everyone else most of the time, it is good for moms to have a holiday all to themselves.


I know my Mom thought that Mother’s Day was just a silly holiday invented by Hallmark until the day came around, then she expected some extra attention and pampering. I never understood this fully until I became a Mom myself.  I know as a mom, having and raising a kid was the most important and significant thing I have ever done and it warms my heart when my son comes and visits, says “I love you” makes me a meal or takes me to lunch.


You don’t need any elaborate planning or extravagant spending to please your mom. Simple is best. The old saying applies, “It’s the thought that counts.” Remember her and thank her in some way. Tell her you are happy and healthy. That is what most moms care about and want to hear. Give her a phone call. Spend some time with her. Buy her a colorful bouquet from the local Farmer’s Market. Make or take her to brunch. Most of all, tell her you love her.


If you live near your mother and are motivated to cook a yummy brunch for her, here are some different and fun recipes she’s sure to love:



If you are best at making reservations, check out some of these favorite Seattle brunch spots and enjoy a refreshing mimosa or two.


To all the moms out there, we thank you for your years of dedication and love!



~ post contributed by Lisa Rough