Rise of Prescription Drugs Not a Positive Sign

Rise of Prescription Drugs is Not a Good Thing

Written by: Laura Taylor | @SEAPersonalChef



No PillsHow can more Americans taking prescription drugs be a positive sign? While at the gym the other day, sweating it out on the elliptical, the nightly news report talked about how American adults are consuming pharmaceutical drugs more than ever. The report revealed that 60% of adults are taking at least 1 medication, and nearly 15% are taking at least 5 medications per day. The reporter expressed that this was a good indication that more Americans are seeing a doctor.


In my opinion, yes, it is good, that we’re seeing our doctors and that more Americans have access to healthcare. Are these routine annual checkups or reactive visits when we are sick? Being sick is a warning sign that does not seem to merit praise. We are sick and unhealthy because of our lifestyle choices and the dysfunction in our food industry. How great would it be if the doctor appointments were truly preventative checkups? A utopian ideal, for sure.


Once we are at the doctor discussing our aches, pains, and other symptoms, the medical world is hard-wired to prescribe pills. (Not to mention how doctors are bribed by “Big Pharma” companies to sell their products). These prescription drugs treat symptoms more often than undoing the actual root of the problem. Then there is the pill cocktail combo of taking multiple pills to work together, or for 1 pill to offset some reactions while addressing another. Furthermore, for whatever reason, we rely on our prescription drugs and accept them into our daily regimen. I don’t know about you, but I do not want a stomach full of manufactured chemicals. There are ample other ways to combat these ailments by changing our habits. Doing so does require work, discipline, and determination. What a bunch of old dogs we are, refusing to learn new tricks!


Granted, mine is the perspective of a very healthy, reasonably active, nutrition-minded 30-something. I’ll give you that some conditions absolutely need medication for someone to have a “normal” functioning life. Some people have conditions driven by genes instead of lifestyle. However, getting on blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds, for instance, does not give us permission to continue a steady diet of salt and fat. You can change that. As a result of food sensitivity testing and some dietary eliminations, I was able to eliminate the daily glucosamine I took for 3 years to alleviate my lower spinal back pain. I have been pain-free for the 3 years since going through that process and am so glad I did it.


I would like to challenge you to question what prescription drugs you are taking and why. You can make valiant efforts to combat those problems with other solutions. Outside of traditional Western medicine, there are a host of resources in acupuncture, nutritional counseling, naturopathic medicine, your local gym or fitness trainer, and a personal chef service. These are people committed to optimizing your health to prevent those pill-popping practices.


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