East meets West: Un-Pho-Gettable Soup

East meets West in our Client’s Kitchens! Pho sure!



Chef Alison Adair


Looking for a healthy, delicious, gluten-free recipe suitable for a cold day in Seattle? You have come to the right place! Welcome to Honest to Goodness Personal Chef Services where East meets West in the life of Chef Alison Adair.






The Inspiration

The vast geography of Vietnam surprises me every time I visit. In just a few hours, you can travel from a beautiful beach, to rolling hills, through thick jungles to gorgeous mountains and sand dunes. With the help from the EasyRider Tour Company, a Vietnamese local, and a Harley Davidson, I embarked on a four-day tour through Vietnam to learn about local culture and delicious food. Most of all, I fell in love with pho and fresh spring rolls!



The Menu

I utilized my experiences in Vietnam as inspiration and adapted those meals to fit the dietary needs of my Honest to Goodness personal chef clients. Both of these recipes bring a wealth of flavors and also nutrient-rich foods to your table.



Spring Rolls

  • First, dip the Brown Rice Wrappers into warm water for about ten seconds to get soft
  • Lay the wrapper flat, and in a row across the center place your filling leaving a little space uncovered on each side
  • Filling options: cooked shrimp cut in half, firm tofu, shredded red cabbage or carrots, avocado, cucumber, fresh Thai basil, cilantro, lettuce
  • Once you have filled the wrapper fold the uncovered sides inward, then tightly roll the wrapper (basically like rolling a burrito)

Serve the rolls immediately with or without a sauce, or package in the refrigerator for later.  I like to dip my rolls in San-J Organic Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce. Of course, you could add more ingredients to the tamari, but why do that when the rolls are already filled with so much greatness?



What the Pho is Pho (pronounced “fuh”), you may be thinking? Pho is a healthy soup packed with fresh herbs and rice noodles. Traditional Pho is made from Vietnamese ingredients but with a French connection. Since great broth is key, Pho takes a very long time to make. However, I’ll share a short cut with you. You could call this Faux Pho if you like, although the taste is far from Faux!

When I want a quick, delicious, and comforting meal, I enjoy the taste of “HAPPY PHO”, Vietnamese Brown Rice Noodle Soup. The package contains the noodles and spice mix. I like to mix two of their flavors, zesty ginger and shiitake mushrooms, with Pacific Brand Beef Broth (they also make lovely vegetarian and chicken broths). First, boil the broth (substitute water if you don’t have broth) then add the spices. Next add fresh mushrooms and your choice of sliced beef or tofu. I like to use a filet mignon cut thinly because it is lean and oh-so-tender. Lastly, add the noodles and any fresh herbs you like such as basil, mint, or cilantro.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy a little taste of Southeast Asia in your Northwest kitchen! If you are still unsure of your cooking skills and want some hands-on instruction, contact me to teach a cooking class for you and some friends in the comfort of your own home!


IMG_20170110_120124 IMG_20170110_123743 Pho ready to eat
















I hope you get a chance to enjoy a little taste of Southeast Asia in your Northwest kitchen! If you are still unsure of cooking skills and want some hands-on instruction, contact me to teach a cooking class for you and some friends in the comforts of your own home!


Tạm biệt! 



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