Best Chef Knife

Happy New Year 2018! Did you make a resolution to lose weight, eat healthier, or cook at home more often than eating out? If you answered yes to any of these options, chances are you may need to seek out the best chef knife to get the job done. We know first-hand the value of having the right knife for the right job, and to make sure the knife stays sharp!


best chef knifeWhen I started this personal chef business in Seattle, I opted for investing in one really good 8” Santoku chef’s knife instead of purchasing a set of knives with multiple functions. Culinary students and graduates probably feel naked without their black case laden with artillery, but one is good enough for me. It seems standard at home to display a whole block of knives, however there’s usually just that one “go-to” that is consistently used. If anything else, a short paring knife and a serrated bread knife make the most sense to round out your options. Keep your knife collection simple, functional, and to the point (yes, pun intended).


If you are considering a change in your cutlery, check out this article on Best Chef Knife Reviews by We are not specifically endorsing any of this site’s recommendations. We just want to give you some food for thought so you can make a decision based on what best suits your cooking interests.


No kitchen is complete without a few good knives, and no knife is complete without a sharp edge. If your knives are just not cutting it (pun intended), invest just a couple minutes of your time to get an edge on those blades. Wusthof makes an easy-to-use hand-held knife sharpener that you can find online or at a gourmet kitchen store near you. It has entails a 2-step process for a coarse edge and a fine edge. Granted, using it yields a bit of a “nails of a chalkboard” reaction for me, though the brief noise discomfort is worth the effort. You may be thinking that a sharp knife equals less crying over onions, but what about crying over sliced fingers? To which I ask, have you labored over a butternut squash with a dull knife before? That’s a sure-fire way to guarantee you’ll be a two-fingered bandit in the kitchen afterward. Sharpening your knife even once a week is a good routine to help you handle your produce and meats with ease. I rest my (knife)case.


Equip your kitchen with the best chef knife you can afford that also feels comfortable to use. Then you will be more inclined to slice, dice, and julienne some delicious meals to stay healthy!


Author: Chef Laura Taylor, excerpted as a preview from her upcoming book