Home Chef Weekday Dinners

When you hire a home chef, this video shows a sample menu of what kinds of weekday dinners you’ll enjoy every week. Our team of personal chefs prepares a wide variety of chicken recipes, beef recipes, seafood recipes, and even vegetarian recipes. We specialize in great family meal ideas and special diets.

Here are some recent weeknight meals that have been prepared by Chef Chanda, Chef Marizel, and Chef Chris! They are very talented chefs who help people that want a low calorie diet, a low carb diet, or some other kind of healthy diet to lose weight. We are not a meal delivery service. Instead, your home chef will cook your dinners in your own kitchen. You can trust that your food is made from fresh ingredients by people who have years of experience in a variety of kitchens. We love what we do and are excited to make food that you love.

A home chef is a great solution for people who are too busy and feeling overwhelmed with managing everything in their lives. If you don’t like to cook or don’t have time to cook, hire a home chef. This will make a tremendous difference in your week and in your health. You’ll wonder why you didn’t hire a chef sooner! A personal chef is also very helpful for anyone with a medical diagnosis who wants to do more than using medicine. At Honest to Goodness, we believe that food is medicine. We are proud to make a positive difference in your life by cooking nutritious food that improves your health.

To see more photos of our cooking, please visit Honest to Goodness Seattle on Instagram. Bon appetit!