A chef preparing plates of food.

Creating the Restaurant Experience at Home

Although Seattle Septembers can be beautiful, we will inevitably be heading into cooler fall weather. And as chilly evenings make outdoor entertaining less appealing, we may start to wonder: how will I navigate the birthdays, anniversaries, and other events that inevitably arise? How can we gather and celebrate safely?

Covid-19 guidelines allow restaurants to seat tables of up to five people and operate at 50% capacity. But everyone’s comfort levels vary. Many folks may be avoiding dining at restaurants entirely. So, hosting a birthday event, anniversary party, or important business meeting at your home could be a far less risky option. It may also be more inclusive to your invited guests.

But let’s face it, home entertaining has some definite downsides. We’re not all Martha Stewart, effortlessly whipping up gourmet meals in a spotless kitchen. And even for experienced home chefs, shuttling back and forth from the kitchen to the table can be challenging. It can mean more stress and less celebrating, or just not connecting with your guests in a personal way. But never fear, there is another option!

A Safer, Stress-Free Alternative

Increasingly, families and businesspeople are hiring a personal chef to cater their special occasion. This offers the best of both worlds. Not only does it free the host from meal planning, preparation, and cooking, hiring a chef eliminates the stress of having to time everything just right. Instead, the relaxed host can focus on chatting with guests, pouring them a drink, and really making a connection. Meanwhile, their personal chef is preparing tasty meals in the kitchen.

Hiring a chef for a catered party or gathering has another big advantage over restaurants from a safety standpoint. That is – you can directly observe how your food is made. Your chef prepares your meals in your own kitchen, rather than hidden in the back of a restaurant. That means you can observe what safety precautions are taking place. You can also ensure that the food restrictions of your guests are being honored.

Business Tax Incentives

While Zoom meetings have been an essential resource during the pandemic, virtual meetings just don’t measure up to the real thing. After many months of online-only interactions, you may need to connect in person with a client or your team. In this case, a home dinner prepared by a personal chef can be a great option. What’s more, the recently proposed HEALS act has a provision that would increase the tax deduction for business dinners to 100%. It couldn’t be a better time to take this opportunity to reconnect.

There’s no question that this pandemic has changed our way of life, and in some ways, we will be forever changed by this experience. At the same time, we must adapt and find ways to connect safely. At Honest to Goodness, we believe that with precautions, there are ways we can continue to celebrate the important people in our lives. We are committed to helping our clients create these joyful occasions even through this difficult time. We are in this together!