Hiring a Vacation Chef

How do YOU like to vacation?

What difference would it make in your vacation experience if you had someone dedicated to preparing healthy food that tastes great?

What would you rather be doing with your time if you don’t have to cook?

Have passport, will travel. As The Dinner Whisperer, I will discuss with you in advance your specific desires when it comes to food for your upcoming getaway. Some sample basic questions include:

– What are your favorite types of foods?

– What time of day do you like to eat each meal?

– Do you have food sensitivities or other specific dietary needs?

– Margarita frozen or on the rocks? With or without salt?


Chef Laura Taylor The Dinner WhispererI recognize that an essential part of your travel experience is having the opportunity to savor the local cuisine. You’ll have the flexibility to dine out whenever and wherever you want. I’ll prepare breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for when you don’t eat out, and snacks you can take on-the-road while out and about. Your menus will incorporate ingredients and flavors from your destination so you can still enjoy the local flair in the comforts of your home away from home.


All types of travel for which I’m able to serve¬†include vacationing in private residences, business gatherings and incentive trips, outdoor adventures, surf trips, cycling trips, yacht excursions, winter wonderland activities, and more.

Compensation varies on your specific travel needs. We’ll discuss a chef fee depending on the duration of your trip. Cost of travel expenses to/from destination and grocery costs while in location are additional.

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