2022 New Year, New Chefs

2022 New Year New Chefs

New Year New Chefs!

We have started 2022 off with a bang by welcoming three new personal chefs to the Honest to Goodness team: Chef Rachel De Moss and Chef Tristina Smith! We’re thrilled to share the talents of these lovely ladies at your table!

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Chef Rachel De Moss

Chef Rachel De Moss

Chef Rachel was born and raised in California and graduated from the Art Institute of Los Angeles with a BS in Culinary Management. She loves to make flavorful dishes cooked with simple, fresh, and local ingredients that honor her Mexican heritage. Having spent nearly two decades in the kitchen, Chef Rachel has a wide range of skills and experience, including event management and banquet serving, pastry arts, writing specialty menus, and managing and developing business operations. She’s also passionate about creating meals that meet her clients’ dietary needs and any restrictions they might have. A fun fact about Rachel: her favorite thing to cook is also her favorite thing to eat — breakfast!

Chef Tristina Smith

Chef Tristina Smith

Chef Tristina is originally from Boise, Idaho and has been involved in the culinary arts for 14 years. Her culinary career began in healthcare, giving her the ability to cook for any type of diet, allergy, or preference. This self-proclaimed ginger-haired cupcake connoisseur got into cooking by accident and then it turned into a passion! Coming to us most recently as a chef in the University of Washington Greek system, Chef Tristina is fluent in Tik-Tok recipes and allergen-friendly options. She loves cooking cuisines from around the world, putting together beautiful buffet spreads for big parties, and personalizing every dish while filling them with color and flavor.

We’re proud of such growth in our company and beyond grateful for the community that we serve who has helped Honest to Goodness achieve such milestones. Many thanks, and stay tuned for future news of company growth!

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