Hire a Chef - It's Simple and Easy!

Step 1
Contact us to let us know what kind of help you need in your kitchen or help you want gift to others. Our team will explain personalized service options and pricing to demonstrate why you should hire a chef. 
Step 2
We offer a complimentary consultation to learn about your meal prep needs or to discuss your event vision. We’ll go through a questionnaire to learn about your food preferences, dietary needs, and preferred scheduling for service.
Step 3
You will be introduced to your talented chef who will take great care of you! They will be in charge of planning your menu, grocery shopping, making delicious food, and wowing your family or guests!

In-Home Meal Prep

After a long day of work, you’ll LOVE having your fridge stocked with fresh, delicious weekday dinners to enjoy with your family. We take care of the meal planning, shopping, and cooking so you can relax and enjoy your evenings.

Home Entertaining

Dinner Party
The best thing about hiring a Seattle party chef to serve your special occasion is that you get to enjoy a great time with your guests instead of spending your time in the kitchen.

Prepared Meal Delivery

Greater Seattle Area Meal Delivery
Eats Amore™ Seattle meal delivery is a supper subscription service designed to support your home with nutritious, delicious food that saves you time and money. Our cooking is a little bit home-style, a little bit gourmet, and A LOT delicious!

Seattle Cooking Classes

What cooking techniques and recipes would you like to learn? We are knowledgeable about all cuisines and have decades of experience to teach you anything you would like. In-person or virtual, our cooking classes and demos will inspire your inner foodie.

Kitchen Organization

kitchen organization Seattle
When your kitchen is organized, you will feel much more comfortable and be able to work more efficiently in the heart of your home. Our team will guide you through what equipment and tools you need, what you don’t need, and the best place to store your cooking tools.


Seattle wedding chef
Most couples think of traditional
catering companies when it comes to their wedding food. When you hire a private wedding chef from Honest to Goodness for your intimate gatherings, you will enjoy a highly personalized experience to celebrate you and your partner and impress your guests.

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