Hire a Chef

Hiring a chef is easy and simple.

We help you feel less stressed, taken care of, and excited about dinner!

Step 1

Contact us to let us know what kind of help you need in your kitchen, or help you want to extend to someone else’s kitchen. Our team will explain personalized service options and pricing to demonstrate the values of a home chef. 

Step 2

We offer a complimentary virtual or in-home consultation to get to know you better. We’ll go through a questionnaire to learn about your food preferences, dietary needs, and preferred scheduling for service.

Step 3

You will be introduced to your talented chef who will take great care of you! He or she will be in charge of planning your menu(s), grocery shopping, and making delicious food!

What We Do For You

Weekday Dinners

After a long day of work, come home to your favorite food or something new to share with your family. We take care of the meal planning, shopping, prepping, and cooking so you can relax and enjoy your evenings.

Chef Laura Stuffed Lobster
Home Entertaining

The best thing about hiring a chef to serve your special occasion is that you get to enjoy a better time with your guests. Having a chef for your party reduces your stress and worries, and guarantees smiles all around your table.

Cooking Classes

What cooking techniques and recipes would you like to learn? We are knowledgeable about all cuisines and have years of experience to teach you anything you would like. In-person or virtual, our cooking demos will inspire your inner foodie.

kitchen organizers Seattle
Kitchen Organization

When your kitchen is organized, you will feel much more comfortable and be able to work more efficiently in the heart of your home. Our team will guide you through what equipment and tools you need, what you don’t need, and the best place to store your cooking tools.

"Thank you again for all your hard work to make our event special last evening. Everyone was thrilled with the experience and you were a huge part of making it happen. I loved that the food reflected the season and was still so festive. And then there was the carrot cake - we cannot get enough of that carrot cake. Everyone was trying to politely argue over the leftovers!"
Honest to Goodness Personal Chef Seattle
T.F., Fremont

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