Home Chef FAQs

The Process

After receiving your call or email with request for hiring a home chef, Shannon will follow up with you to learn more about your specific needs and discuss a pricing overview. We ask to fill out a Food Questionnaire so we can understand your food preferences and dietary needs. Then, we choose a schedule and a chef to work with you! Your chef will arrange an in-person or virtual consultation to meet you before your first cook date and to take a preview tour of your kitchen.

Honest to Goodness does not deliver prepared meals that are made in a commercial kitchen. We cook in your home since we are a personal, relationship-oriented service that is exclusively designed to your specific needs. We use your dishes and storage containers, and leave a menu card with easy reheating instructions. Your house will smell like the comforts of home-cooking and you will find your refrigerator full of delicious meals!

Your chef will come to your home once per week and cook for 3-5 hours at a time. Your fridge will be stocked with a freshly-prepared variety of dinners with lunch leftovers. Breakfasts, snacks, and baked goods are additional options you can have on request!

No, you are not required to be home. We don’t mind if you are though, especially with many of us working from home these days. If you aren’t home, please provide a key, code, or alarm instructions so you may work or continue other activities without any inconvenience.

Weekly chef services range from $340-595 per week plus the cost of groceries for 3-6 meals of 4-6 portions per meal. This includes personalized menu planning, grocery shopping, and onsite meal preparation. Event services start at $340 plus the cost of groceries. We do not charge for travel time unless your location is an extended distance from our standard service range, in which case we will assess a nominal travel stipend.

Contact us for a pricing estimate specific to your needs.

No contract is required for weekly cooking services. We do require a $250 non-refundable retainer to secure a spot on our schedule. This payment is applied to your first service.

For large events or other situations with specific logistical needs, we do require a contract and retainer toward our services.

When you hire a home chef for your weekly cooking, we commit a specific time slot on our schedule to serve you. Please give us as much advanced notice as possible when you expect to be out of town for any reason. Our chefs appreciate the opportunity to fill that slot with another individual service to maintain their income.

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Let's Talk About the Food

Honest, good food. Our personal chefs cook a little bit of everything, preparing healthy meals from scratch using only whole, fresh ingredients richly-enhanced with herbs and spices. Your chef will focus on integrating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins into your diet through comforting food that also tastes good. Weekly menus typically incorporate various styles of cuisine, anything from “meat and potatoes” to adventurous palates. Our company has a database of over 4,000 recipes that we have cooked over the years.

Absolutely! Many clients have specific diets, food sensitivities, and food allergens to accommodate. Honest to Goodness customizes menus to suit your low-carb, low-fat, low-sodium, anti-inflammatory/Abascal TQI, diabetic, gluten-free, Paleo, heart-healthy, elimination, Whole30, or other diets. Please provide as much information as possible regarding your individual needs so that your menus are planned accordingly.

Your personal chef plans a variety of seasonal menus using many sources for inspiration. A couple days before your scheduled cooking date, your chef will email you a menu customized to your tastes and dietary preferences. You have the option to request changes to the menu up to one day in advance. Feast your eyes on some of our most recent creations!

Yes, we always take special requests and will cook according to any recipes you provide.

As part of our consultation process, we will ask you where you like to shop. We shop at all major grocery stores depending on the ingredient list and your preference for organic or conventional ingredients.

Yes, we offer one-on-one instruction for anyone wanting to learn cooking techniques or receive help with preparing a special meal for that special someone in your life. Our chefs also enjoy group cooking classes if you want to have a gathering at your home for an interactive chef demonstration. You also have the option of a virtual cooking class!

Yes, you have the same chef each week making your food. If your primary chef is on vacation or out sick, we will do our best to schedule a substitute chef for that particular week. You also can request to switch to another of our chefs if you want to try a different cooking style.

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Other Important Questions

The health and safety of our team and our clients is of utmost priority, especially as we navigate this pandemic. It is our company policy for chefs to check and record their temperature prior to each service. Chefs who are ill or have been exposed to others who are ill are required to find a substitute chef to cover their services until the chef’s health has been cleared. Our chefs are supplied with disinfecting wipes, gloves, and face masks to use at every service. We also prefer to keep at least 6 feet of distance from our clients as best as possible. Clients who are ill may skip service as needed until they are well-enough to receive home chef services again.

Yes and no. We cater in-home and in venues where a kitchen is available for our use. Since we do not have our own commercial kitchen, we are not licensed and insured to prepare food in advance for delivery to you. There are circumstances for large event needs where we can rent a commercial kitchen and secure special event insurance. Please contact us with your specific event plans to receive a custom proposal on how we can serve you. If we are not the best fit to cater your occasion, we will refer you to highly qualified and trusted caterers in the area.

Yes, Honest to Goodness is fully licensed through the State of Washington to conduct business. Each of our chefs has general liability insurance through our corporate membership with the USPCA.

Honest to Goodness serves the greater Puget Sound area, including Seattle, Edmonds, Shoreline, Bothell, Sequim, Port Townsend, Bainbridge Island, Lynnwood, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, Woodinville, Renton, Burien, and Federal Way. We will travel outside of this range for an additional stipend.

Of course! Who wouldn’t want to receive the gift of healthy meals and more time? Gift certificates are perfect for anyone you know who needs a break from cooking or who might be going through a rough time. 

Gratuity is not automatically charged on any of our services. We do not require gratuity, however will gratefully accept at your discretion for the quality of service your chef provides. We appreciate that you recognize how hard our team works to create delicious mealtime experiences.

Not at all! While we have served some celebrities and professional athletes, the majority of our clients are hard-working professionals who would rather focus their energies on their work and having quality family time. They value a service like ours so they can save time in not having to plan and cook for themselves.

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"My dad keeps commenting how wonderful and high quality all the food is. Thank you all so much!! Your service has been a game-changer."
Honest to Goodness Personal Chef Seattle
A.A., Bellevue

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