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Chef Maggie Noble

Personal Chef Chef Maggie Noble I first discovered cooking with my dad and baking with my mom at my parents’ wedding and catering company on

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Homemade Ice Cream
Cooking for Kids

Chill Out with Homemade Ice Cream Adventures!

As the summer sun shines, there’s nothing quite like the sweet and creamy delight of homemade ice cream. Have fun crafting your own frozen treats while incorporating fresh summer flavors and learn a unique preparation method you might not expect!

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Event Planning

Nourishing Your Mind: The Connection Between Food and Mental Health

One of our core values is Well-being, which we approach from a holistic perspective. We recognize the significant impact that nutrition has on our mental health. Join us as we explore the powerful link between food and mental well-being and discover how making mindful culinary choices can nourish both body and mind.

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