Love Food, Fight Waste – Food Waste Prevention Tips from Honest to Goodness and Seattle Public Utilities

In celebration of National Food Waste Prevention Day, we’ve teamed up with Seattle Public Utilities to give you some food waste prevention tips and tricks. Here’s expert advice from our own Chef Stacey on how to love food and stop waste.

Take Stock of the Fridge & Freezer

Take stock of what’s in the fridge and freezer before writing your grocery list. Pick recipes that use ingredients that need to be used up. Punchfork is a great free resource. You can search by ingredient and use what you have in stock to choose from thousands of online recipes.

Stick to Your Grocery List

It’s easy to get distracted in the grocery store, bring your meal plan with you so it’s fresh in your mind. When cooking for clients, I have to stick to the list and only the list since they pay for groceries. It’s helped me develop the habit in my own shopping.

Grow Your Own Herbs

There are a lot of hardy herbs that grow almost year-round in the Seattle climate: rosemary, thyme, sage, and oregano. I save on food waste and save money by using homegrown herbs. If you don’t have outdoor space, grow herbs in pots on a windowsill inside.

Be Smart About Food Storage

When you get home from the grocery store, take 10 minutes to store food properly and add days if not weeks to its life. Unwrap tender herbs and either place them back in the bag with a damp paper towel or store them in a jar of water like flowers. Move dairy to the back of the fridge. Slice crusty bread and store it in the freezer. Rinse and dry berries, place them on a dry paper towel or cloth, and store them in containers with the lid slightly ajar.

Label, Label, Label

When you can easily tell what something is and when it was made, you’re more likely to eat it. As a chef, I often add labels to my clients' finished meals, so they know exactly what’s inside and in which order to eat their meals for freshness. I also label all my bulk ingredients, which makes it so much easier to take stock when menu planning.

These tips on how to love food and stop waste were brought to you by Honest to Goodness Personal Chef Services and Seattle Public Utilities. Click here for more food storage tips from Seattle Public Utilities. Thank you for helping us reduce food waste! What are your ideas for reducing waste? Share your tips and tricks with us on Facebook and Instagram!