Workplace Wellness During the Holidays

Workplace Wellness Top 5 Tips for the Holidays


As the calendar winds down for the year, our stress level cranks up, just when we want to be at our best to enjoy special holiday events with friends and family. Practicing good wellness habits in the workplace will keep you productive and focused through all of your endeavors. Here are our top 5 tips for workplace wellness this holiday season.


infused water1. Hydrate! Herbal teas are wonderful mood lifters and health boosters this time of year when it is damp and cold out. Sip on some Echinacea tea with a spot of agave for an immune system boost, or something sweet and spicy for the aroma of the holidays. Try making your own infused water! You don’t need a specialized bottle, just toss some fruit/fresh herbs/etc. in your water bottle and sip away. Try something from this list of infused waters or find your own favorite combo from what is in your refrigerator.



pedestrian in rain2. Move! Set an alert on your daily calendar to get up and move at 90 or 120 minute intervals. Give yourself a 10 minute “fresh air break”, and walk around the building, even in inclement weather! Invite that co-worker with you, and you will both return to your desk with a clearer mind. Investing in an Ergotron Sit-Stand Desk from NuLeaf will also keep your circulation going throughout the day.



lunch bag3. Eat! But make a plan first. Bringing in a healthy lunch means saving calories. Make sure to eat when you start becoming hungry, instead of putting off going to lunch until your blood sugar drops too low to be productive, resulting in overindulgence. Have some healthy snacks on hand, like all-natural granola bars, or fruit.



plate portion control4. Enjoy! Before your holiday party, eat a small healthy snack with protein and fiber. Control your portions by filling your plate with fruits and veggies before moving onto the cheese tray and crockpot meatballs. Follow the 1:1 Rule, having a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. Don’t beat yourself up for indulging a little bit, just treat yourself to extra hydration and a longer walk/run the next day to lift your spirits!


protein bars5. Survive and thrive! Put together a workplace holiday survival kit. Having items on hand makes it easier add a few of these suggestions to your work day. Include: detox teas, protein bars/granola bars, a large water bottle, an umbrella, extra hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, EmergenC, or other immune system boosters.



A little bit of planning for wellness at the work will go a long way towards reducing stress, keeping you healthy and avoiding those extra pounds during the holidays. Cheers to your health!