COVID-19 and the Personal Chef Industry

To Our Dearest Clients (and Future Clients):

Concerns about COVID-19 continue to grow in our country and most especially in our region. Here at Honest to Goodness, we want to assure you that we are taking this situation seriously for the protection of you, your family, and our team. We also do not want to panic or promote panic.

The health of our business and our employees’ income depends on being able to serve you in your home. It is our sincerest hope that we can maintain our mutually-beneficial relationship with you during this tenuous time. By being your trusted adviser and expert in home cooking, we will continue to monitor recommendations from health organizations and the United States Personal Chef Association.

Food safety and sanitation is paramount in our work along with customer service. Each of our chefs holds a current State of Washington Food Workers Card. This is a certification we renew every 2 years by taking an exam from the Department of Health. You can feel confident that your personal chef is always up-to-date on proper cooking temperatures, food storage practices, and sanitation. This week, our team has also attended a webinar provided by ServSafe and the National Restaurant Association to be trained on national recommendations on food safety and personal hygiene as related to COVID-19.

In addition to our standard company procedures regarding hygiene and kitchen cleanliness, your personal chef will take these additional precautionary steps effective immediately:

  • Disinfecting all cooking surfaces both before and after food preparation
  • Wearing gloves at all times during food preparation, including changing out gloves in between tasks
  • Disinfecting kitchen fixtures and non-counter surfaces such as your sink faucet/knobs, refrigerator and freezer handles, appliance handles, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, trash can lids
  • Wearing a face-mask upon your request

Since you have chosen to work with Honest to Goodness, we hope you recognize the value in knowing exactly where and how your food is prepared. You might be eating out less often now, minimizing your own trips to public stores, and working from home more than usual. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you in-person if you are home while we are working as part of our ongoing relationship. We also respect if you prefer to not engage with us if you have any underlying health conditions or feel you may have been exposed to illness elsewhere.

Thank you for your ongoing business, trust, and confidence in Honest to Goodness to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact me or Shannon with any concerns or requests as to how else you would like your chef to adapt service for your continued well-being.

Most sincerely,

Seattle Personal Chef Laura Taylor Honest to GoodnessLaura Taylor

Certified Personal Chef and CEO